AUXILIAR D'EXPLOTACIONS ENERGÈTIQUES, S.L. takes different services, in which ones we can highlight the realization of the studies, the project's implementation, maintment, reparation, management and hydroelectrical centrals building. 

AEE doesn't only have servicies which are associated about hydraulic, but that have the management and the mechanic maintenance in the indindustrial sector; this service is carried by fixed staff, which ones take part in temporary mechanic and weld works, like weld with Tic or Mig Mag.  



  • Study, project and advice of turbines and generators EN

    We advice with our engineering, choosing the best team for each instalation. 

  • Rehabilitating, repairing and reviewing

    Some studies are carried out to optimize centrals and machines, from the engineering, the disassemble and the modernization, to the assembly and start-up.  

  • Alternators

    Auxiliar E.E. also does disassemblies, reviews and repairs of alternators.

  • Auxiliary equipments

    Auxiliars E.E. also attends the auxiliary equipments of the power plants.

  • Rehabilitating and repairing of hydraulic groups EN

    Design, modernization and constructions of control box. 

  • Dismantling and assembling

    One of the main features of Auxiliars E.E. is that we arrange both repair and assembly and disassembly of hydroelectric facilities.

  • Reviewing and repairing all multiplier types EN

  • Electrical engineering EN

    Advice and supply of new control boxes, including all the electrical connections. 

  • Special services

    Some of our special services are: civil and electric engineering, subaquatic works, etc.

  • Managing and maintenance EN

    For all this customers which are not interested or don't have time or knowledge to manage his plant, auxiliar E.E. offers a service to take care of the maintenance and manage his plant. 

Oficina tècnica

  • Economic viability studies of new projects

    Our technical department is at your disposal to do studies of new hydroelectric power plant projects.

  • Technical projects

    Our technical department is at your disposal for technical studies or hydroelectric projects.

  • Audits

    We do audits for all kind of hydroelectric power plants.

  • Management and supervision of repairs

    Our specialists are able to refurbish your power plant with the best quality and leave the power plant working at full capacity.

  • Permit processing

    We advise you and perform all the necessary efforts.