Hydroelectric Plant Diuto

Power: 3.20 MW
Place: Biobio

The hydroelectric plant of Diuto is located in Chile, in the location of Quilleco in the Biobio's region.La central hidroeléctrica de Diuto está situada en Chile, en la localidad de Quilleco en la región del Bíobío

Foremost features:

  • The plant obtained a caudal of 20000 l/s (20m3/s)
  • Have a dirty jump of 19.00 metres.
  • A power of  3 MW (Exactly 2,901.80 kW)
  • A Kaplan turbine with vertical axis (counter clockwise direction of rotation).

This plant use the water which the Asociación de Canalistas del Laja gives in his strait. 

In the middle of April of 2011 the H.C. Diuto started to work, given to terminate the work realized for AEE.

Auxiliar d'Explotaciones Energètiques decided to take this project to Chile, because it is a country with so beneficial features for the hydraulic energy, like the height, so from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean there are between 1500 to 2000 metres of height. 

Chile is betting for the renewable energy, that's why they are trying to find new foreign investment, with the intention to introduce new technologies.  

The hydroelectric plant of Diuto was the first plant managed by Auxiliars d'Explotacions Energètiques in Chile.

Good results were retrieved, that is why we expected it would not be the last one, what is more, there are actually some projects in process.