Since the foundation, in 80s at Vic (Barcelona), by Francesc Bellvehí Busquets, AEE offers integral services in the hydraulic sector. 

In the beggining of the 90s, they specializes in the hydroelectrical microcentral - providing low power equipment - and bring an alternative technical, economical and ecological in the field of the self consumption instalations.   

Nowadays, AEE is specialized in the achivement of the studies, the project's implementation, the maintenance, the reparation and the management of the hydroelectrical centrals.

AEE offers all the servicies about hydroelectrical instalations, since point repairs (mechanical, oilhydraulical, electrical, etc.) to the implementation of new projects.


The same as our technique and administrative office, our workshop is located in Vic, a city which is 60 km north of Barcelona.  In Barcelona we can find the civil engineering.

The workshop has a surface of 1400 m2, in which one we have two bridge crane and the machinery necessary to repare, to maintenance and to construct any infrastructure in the shortest time as possible. That machinery is compound for lathe, machinery to perforation, cutting and milling machinery, press brake and other things.  

We have specialized staff, a fleet of workshop-vehicle to mounting and reparate the instalations in every side of Spain. At the same time we have the skills to do any type of international job. Also our company is formed with preparated staff to do any job about immersion with the technique and the proficiency for the diagnosis and for the reparation of breakdowns. 


Being a especialized enterprise in energy projects,  AUXILIAR D'EXPLOTACIONS ENERGÈTIQUES S.L. offer their services to companies of hydroelectric domain both state level and world level. 

A través de Minicentrales Hidroeléctricas (MCH) se está promocionando la implantación de nuevos proyectos en América del Sud. AEE conjuntamente con ERHCONSULT ha implantado con éxito el proyecto C.H. Diuto (Chile) de 3,3 MW y, en este momento, se está trabajando para la implantación de nuevos proyectos en Chile, Ecuador, Perú y México.

 AEEha llevado a cabo proyectos, hasta el momento, en EspañaPortugalFrancia e Italia, a nivel de Europa; en Sud América se han realizado proyectos en Chile y también en Perú y en Sud África, en Marruecos.

Instaled power

total Power = 69 NW
Latin American Power = 27 NW
Spain Power = 42 NW


SEER Group

The SEER Group takes six companies of the energetic sector which have more experience offering integral services about hydrualic, hydrolectric and solar engineering, to more than 280 customers from Spain and Latin America. 

Founded at 1979 by Francesc Xavier Bellvehí Busquets in Barcelona, group these companies: AEE, Auxiliar d'Explotacions Energètiques, ERH Consult S.L., IMSHYDRO, MCH, Minicentrales Hidroeléctricas Limitad, Saltos del Pirineo S.L. and El Salto de la Villa S.A.

Nowadays, AEE is specialized realizing studies, implementing projects, the maintenance, the repairs and the management of the hydrolectric plants. 

AEE offers all the services that hydroelectrical plants needs: from pointing repairs (mechanical, oilhydraulical, electrical, etc.) to the implementation of new projects.

  1. IMS Hydro


  2. erh


    Born in 2012 by an initiative from some engineers with a high experience in the field of renewable energy, in the hydraulical and in the tecnology about water's treatment. Has the objective to be a specialized engineering in the development of each project about water and energy. 

  3. Minicentrales hidroeléctricas


    Company dedicated to exploitation, maintenance and management of hydrolectrical plants in Chile.

  4. IMS Hydro


    Born form the union between a team of engineers with high experience in the world of valves (since 1979) and a technical team specialized in hydromechanical equipment (AEE).